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Series trailers (not episode previews -- those should be in their respective episode repos).
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Lunatics Series Trailers Repository

This repository was created as a place to keep trailers and promotional videos related to the whole series, or to seasons/series, as opposed to episode "previews" which are kept with the episode they preview. (I.e. even though the episode 2 preview will be included in the episode 1 release, the preview files are in the episode 2 repo -- this is because that's where the source files it needs will be located. Only the output video will be kept with episode 1.)

New trailers should be created in "Episodes/Trailers". If a trailer is simply an update to a previous one (individual shots replaced, for example), then it should be thought of as a "version" of that trailer, rather than a new trailer, and the updates should be included there. The rendered video can be included for multiple versions for historical use (e.g. DVD extras with past trailers, etc).

The "Episodes/TeaserTrailer" folder contains the materials for the first trailer we made in 2012, and associated materials. It isn't fully conformed to later patterns, and may have extra material in it, which we're keeping for historical reasons.

As with the Episode repositories, this one will be dependent on data from the shared "LunaticsLibrary" repository, so you will need to have a copy of that checked out alongside this repository, for all the references to be resolved correctly. These should be downloaded as siblings in the same directory, like this:


This is because files in the repo (particularly Blender files) use relative links, like:


to access data. We've provided a symbolic link to connect "Library" in the Episode repo:

Library -> ../LunaticsLibrary/Library

This is because the files were originally all in one SVN repo, of which parts could be downloaded separately. When we migrated to Git, we created separate repos for each episode, and set this up to avoid breaking links (the alternative would be to filter the entire repo, including past/deleted files, and correct the relative links, or accept the ongoing problem of dealing with the breakage). Since the link target is itself relative, the location of the containing folder for both repos on your client system does not matter (the name "LunaticsProject" is just a suggestion -- the container folder can have any name that you like).

On Linux and Unix systems, this will most likely require no further action, because the symlink provided should unpack correctly. Your Git client may be smart enough to sort this out on other systems as well, but if not, we have provided a short Python script to regenerate the link, which should be platform-independent (at least, it will probably work on Linux, Unix, Windows, and Mac), as it uses the standard Python library methods to create the link. On Windows, you may need to be in "Developer Mode" for that to work (for some reason, Windows treats creating a symlink as a developer privilege).

Yes, we are aware of the existence of "submodules" and "subtree" in Git. They have operational problems for us, given the scale of the repos (both appear to be able to trigger unnecessary large unexpected downloads). And they still have the symbolic linking requirement. Because of this, and the simplicity of our requirement, we have decided the best approach is to manually coordinate the independent repos.

LFS Configuration

You NEED to have Git-LFS configured on your system to work with these source repos, and even with it, you may have performance issues due to network connectivity and the size of individual LFS objects in this repo (which may run to multiple gigabytes of data in some cases).

I recommend running the following configurations in your local copy of the repo:

$ git config lfs.keepalive 7200
$ git config lfs.activitytimeout 180

These allow an individual file to take up to 3 minutes to download before your client times out, and sets the connection open for up to two hours, unconditionally (unless you close it, of course), even if it thinks it is idle. This should avoid disconnections for most users. If you're on dial up, you may not be able to participate, or should interact with us as a guest contributor, without getting a full copy of the repos.


As with other Lunatics Project Properties, files in this repo are released to the public under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, version 4.0 -- unless specifically noted otherwise. Many are also available from their original sources under more-inclusive licenses or earlier version of the CC By-SA license, but our intent has been to ensure everything is compatible with CC By-SA 4.0 for our release.

In general, if we have used some non-free source or tool in a trailer or episode, that will appear only a processed footage, incorporated incorporated our sources, where the footage CAN be released under CC By-SA 4.0. As I write this, I do not believe we've ever had to do this, yet. This is the same way we handle live-action footage, though, where there is no "source" for the footage itself, except the original video file (this may be more likely in series trailers, where we might include some behind-the-scenes or event footage).

For convenience, the full CC By-SA 4.0 license is included in the file LICENSE.