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"Lunatics!" Ep.1: "No Children in Space" Pilot episode, in which seven year old Georgiana Lerner flies into space with her mother, Hiromi and cosmonaut-pilot Sergei Titov, on the first leg of their journey to the Moon.
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Season 1, Episode 1

"No Children in Space"

Seven-year-old Georgiana Lerner becomes the youngest person to go into space as she and her mother Hiromi ride to orbit on a Soyuz launched from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, after their last day on Earth, touring the town.

Guide to Sources

This repository contains the files specific to this episode -- mainly sequence and shot files.

Many of the assets will be part of the LunaticsLibrary repository. You will need to checkout a copy of it adjacent to this repository (that is, both should be in a shared folder), such as:


Then you will need to run the script:

$ ./

This should work on Windows, Mac, Unix, or Linux systems. On Windows you will need to be in "developer mode" for the operating system to allow you to create the necessary symbolic link.

This simply creates a link between Library in this repository to the Library in the parallel LunaticsLibrary repository. This means references in Blender files will resolve correctly.

On Linux or Unix operating systems, this will be equivalent to:

$ ln -s ../LunaticsLibrary/Library Library

So, you can do that if you prefer.

The reason for this design is that it means you can handle synchronizing the library and episode repositories independently, which allows you to minimize unnecessary downloads. Every automated approach we considered would potentially result in the system unnecessarily downloading extra copies or repeating downloads that weren't necessary.

Sequence folders

Under the folder Seq you will find a folder for each of the major "sequences" (dramatic scenes, as opposed to Blender scenes) that make up this episode. These are unique (in this episode) two letter codes with the expanded name:


Files associated with these sequences identify them by the two-letter code, possibly with additional shot number/letter codes.

Where needed, lower-case two-letter codes are used for additional stock sequences:

mt - "Main Title"
et - "Episode Titles"
ec - "End Credits"
pr - "Preview" (Meaning the preview for the next episode, not this one)
ad - "Advertising/Promotional" (A brief message appearing after the episode, before the end credits)

Each of these folders contains a "linking plan" SVG document which describes how the sequence is assembled, and serves as documentation for the files found in it. There is typically also a Storyboard folder, containing drawings or stills used to stand in for shots during production, and a Sound folder for effects, voices, and music appearing in the episode, when they are not taken from the series library (usually at least the voices will appear here).

Renders Folder

In the Episode root directory ( Episodes/S1E01-Pilot/ ), you will find a directory Renders. All of the sequence rendering files for this episode direct their output into this directory.

It is recommended, particularly if you have limited disk space, to replace this directory with a symbolic link to a large ( >300 GB) scratch drive you can use for rendering EXR and PNG streams from the files. This should simplify cleanup and avoid accidental erasure of output files, while also providing flexibility for different filesystem topology on your workstation.

However, if you have plenty of room, you can ignore this advice, and you'll find your render files written to that directory. It's equivalent to a "build" folder, for those of you familiar with software development. It is used solely for generated (rendered) files. No permanent repo files should be included in that directory!

Preview Folder

This folder contains the preview for this episode (not the next one!). It will typically be rendered and the rendered output will be included in the previous episode's folder (but not for this pilot episode).

This folder contains the Kdenlive project and other associated elements solely appearing in the preview.

Shots taken from the episode should reference their output in the Renders folder.


These are the specific credits for this episode, in two parts: the post-main-title block, often overlaid on the opening sequence, and the end credits, which appear at the end. This first episode is unusual, in that the main title sequence is at the end, so the episode credits and end credits appear one after the other, but that's not expected to be typical.

The Main Title credits are included in LunaticsLibrary/Stock, not in this repository.


Production documentation is stored here, including a table of production software and versions that were used to render this episode. However, there is additional documentation in each of the sequence folders.