"Lunatics!" Animated Science Fiction Series Reusable library assets. https://lunaticsproject.org
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root 54f8e8a410 Converted some directories to archives
Converted two archived Kdenlive projects and a PNG stream to
zipped archives (the old files were removed with git-filter-repo,
so they are gone from the repo).
1 year ago
Library Converted some directories to archives 1 year ago
Policy Sky rig, S1E01-SR-2 Timelapse and supporting models. 3 years ago
.gitattributes Added the .gitattributes for LFS handling 1 year ago
.svnignore Hiromi's Dress 9 years ago
abx.yaml Added project-level ABX settings YAML file. 2 years ago
lunatics.yaml Adds project YAML files and a policy document about file names. 4 years ago